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Tailored Investment Solution Examples

We have compiled 3 presentations of our tailored solutions for our clients at Income Growth Advisors.

These examples showcase a range of investment strategy options for our customers.

Superior Income Portfolios

See how this doctor’s income and portfolio is superior to a 10% bond alternative.
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Concentrated Stock Strategies

One of Income Growth Advisor’s most valuable tailored solutions for executives with concentrated stock positions. Invest in a diverse income portfolio such as an MLP portfolio through Interactive Brokers.

Hedge Concentrated Stock Positions

With a tailored option strategy IGA can create can:
  • defer taxes normally triggered by a simple stock sale.
  • allow for additional stock appreciation.
  • allow for additional diversification
  • and create additional income.
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Closed End Funds

Hedge Fund and RIA Examples
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Representative MLP Holdings

Read more about the MLP businesses we invest in.

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