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Extreme Election Scenarios

Technology stocks peaked on September 2nd. Our recent cautionary advice sets up election investment opportunities. We examine a blue wave and a potential Amy Coney Barret decided Trump Victory. Invest in value and sell growth. Commodities could boom. Cyclical turnarounds

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Better Safe Than Sorry

The technology sector peaked on September 2nd and declined in September. Buffett and Shiller indicators show today’s market valuations are extreme. Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and the election are adding to market risk. The ratio of growth equities to value equities is

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COVID-19’s Final Act and Epilogue

The COVID-19 tragedy is entering its final stages. The rate of coronavirus spread and death have slowed. Social distancing policies and stay-at-home orders have mitigated worst case death projections like the estimate of 2,200,000 and 510,000 deaths in the United

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