Quantitative Strategies

Similar to our Income Strategies, we also offer quantitative strategies designed to help you grow and preserve your wealth. Our suite of quantitative strategies are based principles that are derived from our extensive research of the investment strategies used by great investors past and present such as Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Clifford Asness. We believe our strategies will continue to outperform because they are derived from sound principles. These strategies have proven themselves in several market cycles and they are implemented in a consistent and systematic manner.

Our strategies use an extensive database that contains hundreds of financial factors that are positively correlated to price outperformance. Using the aforementioned infrastructure, we further enhance our rules based stock selection strategies with risk management algorithms that protect your wealth during large market declines. Unlike large financial institutions, we enjoy the added benefit of not being constrained by liquidity factors that limit one’s ability to exploit trading, strategy, and market anomalies which create risk adjusted market outperformance.

  • Graham and Dodd’s Net Net Plus strategyThe strategy looks for companies that are selling close to their liquidation value – the proverbial buying dollar bill for 50 cents. It improves upon the classic Graham Dodd’s strategy by avoiding stocks with low quality assets and stocks with potential to be fraud.

  • Quality Value strategyThe strategy looks for quality companies that are selling at non-premium prices. It uses both quality and price signals to yield notable performance improvements over traditional value strategies.

We encourage you to use this website to learn more about how we invest your money and how we protect it. Afterwards, please contact us for a personal consultation.