Income Strategies

We offer investment strategies designed to help you grow and preserve your wealth. We offer individualized accounts and separately managed accounts. When you work with us you deal directly with a senior knowledgeable investment professional who will directly interface with you and your needs. We place your investment interest first. That is our fiduciary duty and it is the cornerstone of the CFA code of ethics to which we are obligated.

  • Alpha Dividend strategy

    The quantitative nature of this particular strategy is to emphasize those attributes which are statistically correlated with market out performance. For example, among the factors that are used or are correlated with stock price appreciation are: upward earnings revisions, sector rotation, deep value, and price momentum.

  • Dividend Growth strategy

    For nontaxable accounts such as retirement plans, endowments, and nonprofits, we focus on quantitative strategies. We applied functions and ranking systems which academic research, the CFA Body of Knowledge, and nearly 30 years of experience of Wall Street experience suggests are factors correlated with market outperformance and low risk.

We encourage you to use this website to learn more about how we invest your money and how we protect it. Afterwards, please contact us for a personal consultation.