Our Philosophy

We seek to provide low risk total return strategies for our clients. We employ income growth strategies and quantitative strategies to achieve superior returns.

Why Income Growth Investing?

  • Predictable income is the cornerstone of durable financial plans and portfolio construction.
  • Growing dividends are the leading indicator of security out-performance.
  • Income Growth Advisors combines predictable income and growing dividends to create optimal financial solutions for its clients.

Why Quantitative Strategies?

  • Quantitative research can help to identify leading securities out of 10,000 in a highly time efficient manner.
  • Quantitative research facilitate finding top performing companies such as those with industry leading returns on equity, but at attractive valuations quickly.
  • Quantitative research can help to minimize portfolio risk.
  • Our Quantitative Strategies embrace all the benefits of quantitative research and then back test those strategies to find optimal equity portfolios.

We encourage you to use this website to learn more about how we invest your money and how we protect it. Afterwards, please contact us for a personal consultation.