Income Growth Advisors

Income Growth Advisors, LLC (IGA) is in the Wealth Management business — that is planning, building and maintaining assets on behalf of our clients with a high degree of personal attention. We create a financial road map for each client based on their investment objective and risk tolerances.

Our strongest skill set is in the investment of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). We sub-advise MLPs for institutional investors and we manage MLP portfolios for family offices and high net worth individuals.

Our three primary investment management categories are:

  • Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) — are tax advantaged utilities benefiting from the Shale Energy Boom in America. Most Midstream MLPs offer attractive growing distributions and are natural monopolies regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. We believe MLPs are outstanding retirement income vehicles due to their attractive tax advantaged yields, high distribution growth, and stable business models. MLPs have consistently delivered outstanding returns.

  • Income Strategies — we offer several dividend strategies to offer stable returns for our customers. Many of these strategies are quantitative model driven. We believe dividend oriented strategies are among the most prudent income strategies for those seeking to preserve their wealth or fund their retirement income needs.

  • Quantitative Strategies — we offer quantitative strategies to provide exceptional return profiles with less than market risk. One quantitative strategy is our Warren Buffett Model. Based upon the legendary investor’s investment style, we offer a strategy that selects equities based on: fair valuation, solid company fundamentals, and reasonable consistency.

Our Wealth Management and Financial Planning emphasize:

  • Wealth Preservation and Income Generation Investment Plans — historically have been the best way for individuals to preserve their wealth. We focus on preserving ones wealth first, and focusing on growing ones assets secondarily. This gives investors’ peace of mind in volatile market conditions.