Income Growth Advisors

Income Growth Advisors, LLC (IGA) is in the Wealth Management business – that is planning, building and maintaining assets on behalf of our clients with a high degree of personal attention. We employ a process driven approach that tailors our solutions to each client’s unique financial roadmap.

We work to develop this investment roadmap with our clients that includes the following elements:

  • Summary of investment objectives / return expectations
  • Constraints – including time horizon, liquidity needs and tax considerations
  • Asset allocation considerations

Our areas of investment management expertise include the following:

  • Master Limited Partnerships (MLP)which combine the tax benefits of limited partnerships with the liquidity of publically traded securities. Typically MLPs are invested in natural resources such as petroleum and natural gas extraction and transportation. They have consistently delivered outstanding returns.

  • Income StrategiesThat deliver earnings growth on a sequential and annual basis with 5%+ dividend growth history, combined with upward valuation momentum (stocks that are not declining in value).

  • Quantitative Strategiesprovide exceptional return profiles with less than market risk. We use empirically proven systematic investment strategies that take advantage various medium/long term market inefficiencies, and combine them with a rule based risk mitigation overlay. Examples of strategies include finding temporarily ignored companies with improving fundamentals, high quality companies that are selling at discounts to their intrinsic value, and inexpensive companies that are increasingly being recognized.

Our Wealth Management and Financial Planning emphasize:

  • Wealth Preservations / Income Generation Investment Plans — that address the best way to handle uncertain / risky financial environments that have been historically very cyclical. This gives investors’ peace of mind in volatile market conditions.